1Entrants must be a member in good standing or a guest of a member in good standing, prior to catching an entered fish or entering an outing.
2The fishing outing is for muskies only.
3Fish must be caught legally on sport fishing tackle and in strict compliance with all local and provincial laws.
4A fish must be released to be eligible for entry in the outing.
5Participants must use a minimum of 20 pound test line for fish to be eligible for entry in the outing.
6Fish must be hooked and played by one person and only that person may enter the fish. Handling assistance is permitted.
7A completed research form must be received by the National Research Director within 30 days of its catch if a fish is to be eligible for entry in the outing.
8Participants are to observe all safety rules and boating regulations.
9M.C.I. reserves the right to disqualify any participant for behaviour deemed contrary to the organizations best interests.
10 Outing times will be at the discretion of the outing organizers.
            (i) Participants late checking in may be disqualified,
            (ii) Participants failing to check out at the end of posted times may be disqualified,
            (iii) Any fish caught outside of outing times are ineligible for entry in the outing.
            (i) abide by all M.C.I. rules and regulations.
            (ii) must fish with their host who is responsible for their conduct.
            (iii) sign in and out with a -G- after their name.
            (iv) are eligible for door or raffle prizes but not outing awards.
            (v) may only participate as a quest once per season.
12There is not one preferred method of release for large fish, as the safe use of cradles, nets, Boga-grips or simply hand landing can all result in good releases.
13Air time during the taking of photographs should be minimized, especially in the summer.
14The use of live-wells to transport fish is to be discouraged, though their use to revive fish can be considered.
15All rulings and rule interpretation regarding fish eligibility and awards will be made by event organizers